GILLIER FIJI SPRING WATER operates on one of the most prestigious sources of artesian spring water on the planet – 27 acres of prime water land on Viti Levu, the largest of Fiji’s 332 islands. Water is a top global commodity and there is a worldwide shortage of fresh spring water. The global bottled water market is mainly driven by increased health awareness and changing consumer lifestyles. GILLIER FIJI SPRING WATER operates from one of the largest free hold spring water land in Fiji. The artesian spring water is replenished with every rain, making for a virtually unlimited source of spring water now and in the future.

GOLD BULLION focuses on buying and selling precious metals, specializing in gold in its various states. GOLD BULLION UAE trades in both hard and soft commodities, ranging from petroleum, oil, iron ore and coal to a wide range of beverages including fresh water. GOLD BULLION also provides the compliance team for large sellers and buyers of gold bullion. The GOLD BULLION group also consults with clients desiring to fund commercial and humanitarian projects through internationally recognized platforms. GOLD BULLION, working through internationally recognized platforms, provides the resources to help clients trade through special project development platforms.


The AQUACOIN project has possession of one billion litres of Giller Water’s physical artesian spring water to back up and bring initial value to the total supply of 100,000,000 coins that will circulate in the market. Along with this, Gold Bullion UAE has also partnered with Aquacoin to support the development of the project through the supply of its resources.