Action Plan


Aquacoin’s idea is formed, the plan of action is written in place, and the fundamentals start getting built to turn this idea into a reality.


A pre-sale will launch at a price of $1USD per share – Locked in for 1 year.


Aquacoin charts & information will be available to view on CoinMarketCap & Other Cryptocurrency information platforms.


100,000,000 coins are released into the circulating supply, priced at the current wholesale trading price of physical spring water per litre. This creates an instant Return On Investment for presale shareholders – Locked in for the remaining time of the year from when the presale shares were launched.


The Aquacoin team presents the Aquacoin project in major expositions for Cryptocurrencies & Digital Commodities.


Aquacoin is listed on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase &


The remaining shares are released into the circulating supply & the 1 year lock in term expires, allowing Aquacoin to be fully available for buying, selling & trading in the market. A new update/protocol for the liquidity pool is released, creating potential for up-side benefits to current shareholders for making even higher returns on their initial investment.


Wealth generated from the market capital are used to further keep the stability through the liquidity pool, contributed towards the charitable foundation & reserved for future implementations that are being developed by the Aquacoin team.